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All About Student Notebook or School Copy

Notebook define common term for both Notebook or laptop and Notebook or School Copy. But in this article we are covering writing Notebooks.

There is no limit which can reduce the scope of the Notebooks industry as it is needed in every sectors.

Notebook or School Copy led the foundation of early childhood education from Kindergarten to Professional level of accomplishment. When children start learning with their early writing habits they need a copy and pencil for their emergent writing habit developed by their cognitive sense, with their shivering small hand they try to grip the pencil and slowly try to write in their exercise copy for building habit of writing regularly.

School Notebooks come in varied design and style with the finest quality of paper used, which is most preferable in trend for school and students, as writing will be more beautiful when carved with pencil on finest quality of paper.

With the changing trends innovative modes of learning are introduced, from digital gadgets to smart classes, use of exercise notebooks always remains evergreen, right from early civilization when humanity and culture came into existence with stages of learning and development of our cultural heritage are stored and recorded in these Notebooks. Ancient example is that we have the Holy books of Ramayana written by Valmiki and Bhagavad Geetha written by Ved-Vyasa which are from ancient ages and they have used very ancient forms of paper. 

Scope of Notebooks from School for School homework and Classwork, tuition work as well as for self-learning and practicing and also are great for keeping track of everything from monthly budgets to grocery lists to lists of favorite destinations where you’ve enjoyed. In the office or any place or situation that insists you to note down and for that you have Notebook an ultimate companion which you carry everywhere from home to traveling. It is essential. Use of Notebook is not boundless it can be used in any other form of writing like calculations, notes taking and keeping reminders of office meetings and industrial training.

Types of Notebook !!

School Notebook Varieties, some of them are as below

  •  Single Line Notebooks.
  •  Four Line Notebooks.
  •  Square Notebooks.
  •  3 in 1 Notebook (combination of above three).
  •  Notebook Register.

Notebooks have other forms too, which comes in different size and design, from spiral notebooks, Flat Spine notebooks, Composition notebook(Keeping track of projects, taking notes, and journaling), Laboratory Notebooks(For taking Lab Notes), Pocket Notebook (Pocket notebooks are excellent for capturing spontaneous ideas, pocket notebook can also be used to jot down motivational quotes, random sudden thoughts, book passages, or even notes from a meeting)

Design and options of Notebooks in Market !!

The present buying model is allure and is staunch to ecommerce mode for buying and selling of goods which also give chance to many manufacturers to manufacture Notebooks of various trendy designs with beautiful quotes and best quality of paper used in this process. This provides buyers with varied options available online and in the traditional offline market. 

The present buying mode is allure and staunch to e-commerce mode of buying and selling of goods which also gives a chance to many manufacturers to manufacture Notebooks of various trendy designs with beautiful quotes and best quality of paper used in this process. This provides buyers with varied options of shopping from online as well as from traditional offline markets. Manufacturers like Overjoy, Classmate, youva, Unigo, Mead and paperkraft are coming with new designs and quotes with competitive prices for buyers, putting buyers in a very comfortable position for choosing from the options available.

Know before buying Notebooks !!

Notebook manufacturers are taking great care while making these notebooks. The Paper used in manufacturing of Notebooks comes in different ranges of pricing and quality. 

  • 54 GSM(Gram per Square Meter) paper used in manufacturing Notebooks are the Cheaper or lower quality notebooks.
  • 58 to 70 GSM(Gram per Square Meter) paper used in manufacturing Notebooks are the most decent quality of notebooks, which focus on economic and mid range customers(Overjoy Notebooks have similar specifications).
  • 80 to 100 GSM(Gram per Square Meter) paper used in manufacturing Notebooks are the premium priced quality notebooks.

Altogether currently writer of any age and domain preferred Notebooks of best quality and economically sound 

Be aware of using Notebooks made of paper quality which is lower than 54 GSM which is quite thin and not good at all, as well as while using these types of Notebooks with Liquid ink or Gel-Ink pens will spread ink on the other side of paper. So we should always make the right choice while buying our Notebooks.

Competitor Review:-

In my review of using Notebooks of various design and style of various brands I prefer the Overjoy Notebook made with chlorine free paper made with finest ultra white paper of elite quality with n number of design and style.

If  you are looking for a notebook that can help you stay organized and efficient? Look no further than the Overjoy Notebooks are the perfect writing companion, whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone who loves to write.

Features of Overjoy Notebook:-
  • Overjoy Notebooks made with chlorine free paper of finest ultra white paper of elite quality.
  • These Notebooks come in a variety of colors, designs, ruling patterns and style as per writing preferences.
  • Notebooks made from high-quality paper ensures a smooth and comfortable writing experience.
  • The A4 size of the notebook register provides ample space for writing, drawing, taking notes, journal, planner, or sketchbook.
  • Overjoy Notebook comes in different size and style of specification, depending upon the use of individual.
  • The notebooks are perfect for taking notes in class, brainstorming ideas, or jotting down reminders.


Overjoy Notebooks are a must-have for anyone who loves to write. They are versatile, durable, and stylish, making them the perfect choice for students, professionals, and creatives alike. So why wait? Grab your own Overjoy Notebook today and start writing your way to success !!

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