OverJoy Premium School Notebooks.

Perfection comes with flaws, mistakes and imperfections and that is what OVERJOY is for !

Every successful business or career mapping starts with a pen and a notebook, where scribblings become endless to achieve Perfection.

Overjoy is a new avatar of premium quality notebooks for young learners to create out-of-the-box thinking. Broad range of theme-based notebooks in different sizes are suitable for everyone from kids to office professionals. To promote blended learning in the era of GenZers, engaging games and tech-enabled content delivery via QR code make new-age learning more powerful, joyful, and engaging for many.


Finest ultra white paper

we are offering the finest quality Ultra White Paper


Chlorine free paper

OverJoy uses and elemental chlorine free paper


Precise design

Discover a rich selection of notebooks designed to unleash your human genius.

OverJoy Notebooks

OverJoy Prime

School Notebook
24cm by 18 cm

OverJoy Classic

Brown Cover School Notebook
24cm by 18cm

OverJoy Student

Long Notebook
28cm by 17cm

OverJoy Standard

A4 Notebook
29.7cm by 21cm

OverJoy Creative

Drawing Book
29.7cm by 21cm

OverJoy Design

Scrap Book

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School Notebooks

Pages that hold your dreams and ideas

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Drawing book

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Essential A4 Premium Notebooks

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Essential A4 Notebooks

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